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IT Change Embargo

There are periods throughout the University calendar that are particularly sensitive to the disruption of normal services.
During these critical periods, the ongoing implementation of IT Changes increase the risk of disruption to the IT Services.

To reduce the risks of unneccesary disruptions, IT Change embargos, (also known as Change freezes) have been introduced to cover the agreed critical periods.

Business System Owners can approve IT Changes to their systems during an IT Change Embargo.


  • A total embargo on all IT Changes is required for particularly critical periods where availability of a wide range of IT Services is
    essential e.g. 'Semester Commencement'.
  • Resolving high priority Incidents (i.e. to resolve loss, significant interruption or degradation of critical IT Services) during an
    IT Change Embargo will continue to follow the current Emergency Change Management process.

IT Change Embargo Periods

'Total Embargo' periods on all IT Changes are:

  • 'Semester commencement' period; this comprises:
    • Orientation weeks. Being the 2 weeks prior to the start of both Semesters 1 and 2.
    • First 2 weeks of semester

  • 'Semester end' period; this comprises:
    • 2 weeks prior to exam weeks
    • Exam weeks

Outline of Approval Process to implement a change during an Embargo Period

An IT Change Approval Form is required to be completed by the Change Initiator (this being the person raising the Change on behalf of the Business or IT).
This form summarises the Change in terms of why it is required, what its affects are, the potential risk of the Change and how the risk is to be managed.

This information is used to assist assessment of the Change by the approvers. The Change Initiator is responsible for acquiring the prerequisite approvals.

Once the prerequisite approvals have been obtained, the IT Change Manager manages the Change through the current IT Change Management process.

  1. The Change Initiator completes the 'IT Change Approval Form' and sends to the Business System Owner(s) for Business approval.
  2. Once business approval has been obtained, approval must also be obtained from the CIO (or their authorised delegate).
  3. The completed 'IT Change Approval Form' is sent to the "IT Change" mailbox (to provide early notification of an embargo exception request) and
    included in the Change Initiators submitted Request For Change.
  4. Supported by the Change embargo approvals the submitted Request For Change is managed through the Change Management process.

Escalation: If there has been no timely reply in response to the submission of this request for approval, then the matter should be escalated to the IT Change Manager for assistance.

Note: You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these instructions Get Adobe Reader
Change Embargo Calendar and Change Approval Form.

For more information about this process please contact the IT Service Desk:

IT Service Desk

Telephone: (61 8) 6304 6000