Lab Information - SCA Advanced Editing Suites

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 Location Mount Lawley 3.263
 Faculty: Education & Arts
 Nearest Security Phone: Outside in corridor ML3.2118  Opening Hours: 24x7 (After-hours access via Access Card)
 Hardware: Mac  No. Systems Available: 6
 Lab Notes: Students must book time to use these suites using the online booking system.

Printing Services
 Printer Available: No
Not Available
 Snap2ECU Available? No
Not Available
 Printing System: Not Available
 Scanner: No
     Fixed Data Projector: No

Available Software:

Application Name Version
Adobe CC Full 2017
Apple Quicktime 10.4
Cycling 74 Sound Flower 2 .Ob2
Perian Perian 1.2.3
Shiny White Box IshowU 1.94.0
Squared 5 MPEG Streamclip 1.9.3
Telestream Flip4Mac 3
Thompson Reuters Endnote X7 (*)