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Using your ECU desktop phone and mobile phone

Requesting a new desktop telephone service

For new services please email and provide the following details:

  • Staff Number
  • Location Room number Bulding number and Campus
  • Faculty Cost Code

Voice Mail

OneBox voicemail is a personalised answering service with voice instructions to guide you through the system features.
It can be accessed from any telephone, either on or off campus, and in the future your voice messages will be accessible from a PC either via Outlook or a compatible web browser.
For more information of the functions available and how to setup OneBox view our OneBox website.

Cancellations or Changes to existing Desktop Services

For cancellations and changes to existing services when moving or changing offices, please ensure you have first completed details in the ECUSIS Move Manager.
For more information email voice communications team:

Mobile Phone

Requesting a new mobile service

For new mobile phone services, please review:

You also need to complete the following forms:

Reconcile your account

ECU mobile phone users can check call records and make payments using a system called Bilmax.

Portable Conference Phones

Please note that this service is only available on our analogue phone service, Ericsson desk phones are digital.

Multi participant Teleconference - Self Hosted

Up to eight parties may participate in a conference call.
  • To initiate a conference call
    Dial first number
  • Once call has been answered, ask caller to please wait
    Press Recall button               (analogue handset)
       - or -
    Press “Access 2” button*      (digital display handset)
  • When you receive dial tone
    Dial the next number you wish to include in the conference
  • When dialled number has answered
    Press 3 on dial pad
You have now established a 3 way conference call. If you wish to connect further participants, repeat steps 2 through 4.

Please Note:
On digital handsets, you will have to alternate between “Access 1” and “Access 2” button. Select the button which is not lit at this step.

Telstra Operator Assisted Teleconference

To arrange a Party Line call Telstra on 1800 011 080

Council Chambers Teleconference instructions

Book Council Chambers (JO 01.447)
Teleconference phone number: +61 8 6304 2325 For more information about teleconferencing and room more information on any of our voice services please contact voice communications team:

Voice Communications
Telephone: 6304 5222
Email: – Online Mobile Phone Repayments